Mitt Romney is riding on the money tail of a lot of billionaires, none more so than 79 year-old southerner Julian Robertson. When Roberson isn’t in New Zealand running his resorts and wineries, he takes time out to destroy political opponents.

Restore Our Future’s signature role in the campaign has been the negative attack ad on Romney rivals. Of $40.5 million it has spent through this week, the super PAC spent $39.3 million against other candidates: $20.6 million against Rick Santorum and $18.7 million against Newt Gingrich, according to tabulations by the Sunlight Foundation and the Center For Responsive Politics.

“I certainly contributed to the ads. I knew that. Any way Mitt Romney can get his message out, I think, is great,” Robertson told us. 

He recalled proudly how the avalanche of ads slowed down Gingrich’s momentum after for former House Speaker’s victory in South Carolina. Romney came from behind to win the pivotal primary in Florida, where the super PAC spent $9 million. 

Robertson said, “I thought, ‘Excellent.’ And I’m a part of that. And he won.”   Read more at CBS News