The man who orchestrated the Bush presidency and the Iraq War won’t formally announce it, but Karl Rove is 100% for Mitt Romney. Rove will do whatever it takes to make the man, he sees as the next George W. Bush, President.

Over the last year, Rove has used these powerful media platforms to systematically undercut every rising Romney challenger in succession while lauding Romney’s victories as “historic.” …Rove has more ties to Romney and his super PAC than he is disclosing to his media audiences, and thus has no business assessing the Republican primary race as a purportedly independent analyst.   Read more

Rove is known as Bush’s brain and has been with George W. since the 1980’s. He sees Romney as the man who can continue the Bush legacy. Rove is the juggernaut behind the highly secretive American Crossroads super PAC and hopes to raise a billion dollars to defeat President Obama.