You know that guy at the party who has a little too much to drink and says some things that he regrets the next morning? That’s Mitt Romney. In order to win the Republican primary, Romney has said some pretty wild things and a lot of people have been shocked by some of the things he’s said. Take immigration for example. Mitt has a mega-hangover from scapegoating and hurling vitriole at Immigrant Americans, positioning himself so far to the extreme that he’s lost all respect among mainstream Americans.

Romney has staked out one of the most conservative positions on immigration in the Republican field, saying he would veto the DREAM Act, which provides a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants. He has also called Arizona’s tough immigration law a “model” for the country. The Arizona law makes the failure to carry immigration papers a crime and also grants police the authority to detain anyone they believe might be in the country illegally. Romney has also said he is in favor of “self-deportation,” in which illegal immigrants without proper work identification cards would be denied jobs and leave the country on their own. But today in Wisconsin, Romney declined to mention those positions when asked what type of immigration reforms he would implement if elected.   Read more at CBS News

After looking at the polls, I bet Mitt Romney would like a do-over, but the damage has been done. If only life was an etch-a-sketch, we could erase the bad things we did the day before, but it’s not.