As the ultra-rich, like Mitt Romney, stash their fortunes in offshore bank accounts and soak up so much more of the U.S. economy than they can possibly spend, as they buy up real estate and send rents through the stratosphere, the ultra-rich is stifling innovation.

Ask yourself, do you have time to innovate when you’re spending half your paycheck on rent? Do you have time to innovate when you’re working your life away to pay off  student loans? Do you innovate when health care costs more than a  home mortgage?

Mitt Romney wants to deregulate the banks… again. The banks crashed the economy in 1998. The banks gave us 12% unemployment, does that spur innovation?

When you get cancer or your life expectancy is cut short because Mitt Romney thought the EPA should stop enforcing certain environmental laws, will you innovate?

Romney wants freedom for the ultra-rich so they can get even richer, he wants more freedom for business so they can send jobs overseas, he wants to reward his friends by cutting environmental standards so they can buy an extra Cadillac… or two.

That’s not very innovative.