For the most part, Republicans are wealthier, suffer less crime, have better health care, better jobs, etc., so the question needs to be asked; why are they so darn mean?

I’m not talking about hate media Republicans, people like Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, and the rest, who’ve made a fortune out of ridiculing and attacking people they don’t like. I’m talking about mainstream Republicans, the average person who has taken up the flag for conservative causes.

Could it be paranoia? Afterall, if you’ve made it and have more of something, you might be predisposed to think people are out to get what you have. Take Richard Nixon, for example. Here’s a Republican who made lists of the people he hated, he was paranoid, and he went out of his way to punish people he felt were out to get him.

Maybe it’s greed. Greedy people are not nice people, just ask any kindergarten teacher. Republicans have embraced a philosophy that states that greed is good, and selfishness is a virtue. That has to make a dent in a healthy psyche.

Combine that with the average Republican’s Darwinian view of life. This is the idea of survival of the fittest, the weak must perish, the herd needs to be thinned. Maybe this is why Republicans throw out all their Christian charity and replace it with something more akin to a ferocious lion ready to maul anything within reach.

Whatever the reason for Republicans being meaner, I just hope they realize that character does count, that behavior in this world might have consequences in another. So the next time you hear that President Obama is a socialist, or that he’s not a U.S. citizen, or that he hates America, just remember who’s saying it. They might have problems that go far beyond their political beliefs.