While Republicans try to take us back to the 1950’s when smokestack industries dominated, when military spending had no limit, and the environment was something to use and discard, President Obama is leading the country into the future. Rather than focusing on the rich and the corporations who ship jobs overseas, the President is giving direction for the 21st century.

President Obama knows that the answer to a strong and prosperous America is a lean and mean workforce composed of innovative and highly educated entrepeneurs. He understands that to compete in the world economy, schools have to work better and a student’s future can’t be strangled by student loan debt. The President is encouraging innovation and risk-taking, he realizes that new cutting-edge technology and diversified energy sources are necessary for a strong economy.

Unlike Republicans who view the economic system as a Darwinian struggle, a survival of the fittest, eat your young model where the rich get richer and American jobs are outsourced and down-sized, President Obama sees a role for government to encourage entrepreneurship and free markets while standing up as backstop if necessary. That’s how he saved America’s auto industry. The President provided critical support while under intense heat from Republicans like Mitt Romney who would rather have seen “Detroit go bankrupt.”

President Obama realizes he will be opposed by the old thinkers, the set in their ways industries, and by wealthy individuals who want to live in the past. These regressive thinkers keep repeating that old tired line about the government being the problem. This kind of thinking is dead-end thinking. It leaves all of us poorer, while the few reap all the benefits. Whether it’s infrastructure or scientific innovation, the American government, otherwise known a s “We the People”, has been part of America’s great success. From reaching the moon, to setting up the internet, our government has nothing to be ashamed of.

Despite unrelenting opposition from the do-nothing Republicans, President Obama has managed to shore up the banking sector with the passage of new financial regulations, making sure Wall Street has to find new ways to destroy the world economy. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Americans can be assured of good quality health care. They can no longer be discriminated against because of pre-existing health conditions, age or income. As Republicans try and push the economy over a fiscal cliff, you can be sure President Obama will stand up against them.

Right now, we need Democrats who will fight against Republican attempts at dismantling Social Security and Medicare. The neanderthal GOP still living in the 1950’s presents a large obstacle. With your help, the President can drag them back to the future, a future where our water and air is clean, where high speed rail takes us to new and exciting places, where America is safe from threats abroad,  and everyone can live in a land where individuals can profit and pursue their dreams to their heart’s content.